No two days are equal. Today is not a good day. Nor is it a bad day. It’s just that I am feeling heavy. Do you know what I mean? I am not sure that I do either. You could say I’m treading water, keeping my head above the waterline. I wish I am more buoyant. I am getting tired. I think I am coming down with something.

Even so, it is difficult to rest, to let things be. I have this feeling, compulsion to do, to get ahead, to accomplish. I wonder if it’s me or is it the society we live in. Have I bought into or have I been brainwashed into the idea that I have to be useful, productive, blah, blah, blah. I really like to rest awhile like in the olden days, guilt free. I’m starting to feel flu like. My eyes and nose are dry like sandpaper. My head a bit achy. My body heavy and weighed down like a big sandbag. Even my hands feel flu-ish and achy.

So, why don’t I just give everything a rest? I feel somewhat programed like an EverReady battery. I feel pushed to GO, GO, GO. It’s no wonder that when I get sick, I get SICK. A couple of months ago, I had a summer cold. It lasted a month. I coughed and coughed the whole month. I think I better smarten up, ease up, drink lots of fluids and REST. I should not think so much. I should learn to let go and let be.

2 thoughts on “JUST RANTING

  1. Hope you feel better tomorrow, if you’re getting sick then just slow down, enjoy your tea and a good book! I’ll do the swimming for you, bought 10 passes today at our indoor civic Center and thought if you as I started my laps! It was fantastic, I hope I keep it up and don’t find excuses to be a couch potato 😉

    1. Thanks Terry. I am feeling better though the dog did keep me up last night. Maybe she’s coming down with something, too. I’m glad you’re taking the plunge for me. 🙂 I always feel so good after my swim. Sometimes it is hard to get there but once you establish the habit, you miss it if you skip. I think I’ll take your advice though and slow down. Not a problem today. Seems like I can’t move very fast when I’m lacking sleep.


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