I have to admit I was worried about fasting for 12 hours today. I have never fasted. I tend to be hypoglycemic, needing proteins. However, I did quite well. I had my usual breakfast of 2 slices of toast and a cup of tea at 6:00 am. My fast and worries started after that. I hate to fail this part of my journey. One of the instructions for the retreat was to have no expectations. I focused on that and gave up my worry. I will fast for however long I am able to.

It was a beautiful sunny morning. I sat in my sanctuary and read a few passages in the Bible. It’s rich with stories I must have learned from Sunday school in my first year in Canada. Today I read the book of Joshua and how the walls of Jericho came tumbiling down. I went onto the book of Judges and found Samson and Delilah there. I have never thought the Bible easy or interesting to read until today. I was fascinated with my change of mind and perception. This was still in the morning when my stomach is still full.

I spent some time in the garden watering. I reseeded part of the lettuce bed, picked some raspberries. I was tending to my inner and outer garden – cleaning and clearing. Not really think much on the process. Just moving with deliberateness and ease. Not rushing anything, reserving my energy for the rest of the fast.

We had planned to head out and check the countryside and some small communities along with way. I filled a thermos of beef broth and my water bottle and headed out. The guy was driving. I was just riding and observing. I was out of my head into the physical world. I saw the clouds in the blue sky, the trees, the fallen down abandon barns. I felt the warmth of the sun on my skin and the breeze through the windows of the truck.

I drank my beef broth and water. I did not feel any hunger pangs. I’m not too crazy about granola bars but when the guy was crunching on one, it smelled heavenly. I lasted the whole 12 hours. A cup of tea and a decaff helped me through the last hour. It was good to rid the taste of beef broth. I had a light supper. Was feeling quite fine until I took Sheba for a short poop walk.  A cleansing shower revived me. But now I’ve chronicled my day, I must head off to bed. My revelations if I have any have evaporated.

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