I’ve felt the heavens shift today. I think I’m going to be ok. I’ve painted my blues away. When the going gets tough, I fake it and keep going. What else can I do? Pout, stay in bed, cry, give up? I did none of those. I kept my daily schedule. I ate lots of chocolate chip cookies and some ice cream. I said no to exercise classes and swimming. I didn’t shower yesterday. I haven’t yet today. I don’t smell, not sweating much. It’s winter. I read. I painted and painted on my little index cards with watercolours. I’m working ahead on my 365 Somethings 2018 project. That’s what I do with my excessive energy. Now I’m feeling almost like an artist. I am an artist!

Suprisingly, I don’t feel any fatter. Not any slimmer either. I guess I have Sheba to thank. She still dragged me out for walks, like it or not. When I look around the house, it is not any messier than its usual state. Astounding! I must be doing something right, sticking to my good habits. They have stuck with me through thick and thin. I’m ecstatic. I’m in heaven. I could dance without music.

6 thoughts on “HEAVEN, I’M IN HEAVEN

  1. I’m glad you got to do some things you enjoy and eat what you pleased. I only got to read for half an hour. I still haven’t gotten around to finishing a long overdue post I’m trying to write. It will be a long night. I’ve stalled too long on this and another, and although I’ve been sick for two days, I think I’m about normal again. Wish my list of things I have to do that I won’t want to do (sales tax form, etc) weren’t so long.

    1. Oh, I hope you are feeling better, Barb. It’s a bad flu season. I wish for things I don’t have to do, too – like income tax season coming up. I do my pleasure read with my tea when I get up. I’m reading Swimming Lessons by Claire Fuller. It’s quite captivating, hard to put down. I’m trying not to read ahead to the ending which I tend to do. 🙂


  2. You are an artist and a wonderful writer!!! Anytime you need a new recipe you know who to call upon! I promise no weight gain just deliciousness🙏👍❤️

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