I’m slipping, sliding on the slippery slope. Hard to find traction though I’m digging my heels in. Hope I don’t fall too far down the hill. There’s no Jack around to catch me. Well, what can I do but my best?

From experience, when I’m feeling like this, it is best not to do anything grand, daring or new. It is best to just hunker down, read, knit, doodle and other such safe activities. This is not the time to go desperately seeking happiness or feeling good. It is also not the time to contemplate what it all means. And by all means, I should not try to solve those world problems. Just breathe. Put one foot in front of the other. And smile. Smiling relaxes you. That’s what the yoga lady says. I smile. It works. It breaks up my face and scatters pesky thoughts.

Now it is evening. I’m fed, watered and showered. I’m in the home stretch. I’m going to doodle and call it a day. Tomorrow I can try for better.





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