CRANKY – day 130 – 132 in a year of…..

Day 130 -132, December 4, 2016 @10:37 am

15271825_10154038338845887_2240190510471099581_oThe sun has finally shown up. My dining table is still in order. My magic black bullet is next to me. I’m sitting with my black tea. I’m trying a different taste and to shed a few calories. I’ve opened the screen to write. But I’m feeling as cranky as can be. I will accept this feeling, just sitting and observing it.  I will not try to fix it. I’m giving up that job of being Mrs. Fix-It. I’ll just sit and tap – maybe words, a song, a dance, but no resumes for another Mrs. Fix-It position.

Do I really love Orange Pekoe tea, sweetened and whitened that much or am I addicted to the same old, same old?  What is in that tea?  Curiosity led me to google Orange Pekoe and I find that it is how they grade tea.  It is a high grade. Good for me!  It could be/very likely that I’m addicted to the honey and milk I put in.  I will try black for awhile.  I will try different – teas, too.  My cupboard is full of them – all kinds.

Hmmm.  I see a pattern here – drinking the same tea though my cupboard is full of many kinds.  I tend to wear the same clothes though my closet is bursting with other clothes.  My lizard brain doesn’t like change.  It likes the same old, same old, just like me!  Grrr! Changing is a very hard job.  It is for the birds.

But wait!  Let me not get discouraged.  I have made in roads.  I have faced off with my biggest dragons and demons and survived.  I am developing experience and opinions. Hooray for me!  Tomorrow is another day.  Crankiness is another part of life.  Brains are what they are.  I am rewiring mine.  Onward, James! Fly me to the moon.  Let me play among the stars.


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