LIFE’S LITTLE LEAKS – Day 84 and 85

Day 84 and 85, October 17, 2016 @11:43

Life seems to conspire against me but I’m not going to let that trip me up. It’s a gentle reminder to look after things, otherwise the next reminder might not be as gentle.  There’s nothing like a leak with things getting wet and water running onto the floor to wake me up.  Even though I was tired and getting ready for bed, I investigated and dealt with the leak.   I wouldn’t want to have a flood on my hands, would I?

It took longer than I thought.  It was a bit messy.  I hated doing it but I had to.  I hate dealing with almost everything.  It’s easier to let things go in the short run. It catches up and is harder in the long run.  But my lazy brain likes the immediate easy.  My seeing different today is I need to deal with all life’s leaks as they come along.  Better to suffer the discomfort now than to experience disaster later.

It is late.  I shall dispense with the photos.  All I have tonight are my words. They will have to do.  I’m learning to be flexible.  I am seeing my path clearer each day.  I breathe a little easier with each step. Some days I can almost sing Hallelujah.  I am not slip, sliding away.

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