Here I am, on a warm dry June afternoon, still mostly wordless in June.  It is what it is. It’s the way of life.  There is no way or point fighting it.  I am sure when they are ready and I have something to say, the words will pour forth.  They will trip from the keyboard and march across the page like uniformed soldiers on duty.  Till then, I might as well relax into the summer, read, and tend to my garden.

IMG_7000Have you seen how awesome my garden is? I love the dappled light of the morning sun shining through the bamboo for the beans and to climb on.  The carrots are trying to poke through between the onions.  They are suppose to be perfect companion plants.  I love the gravel paths.  They also serve as water reservoirs when it rains.  I hope there’s space enough for the tomatoes, cucumbers, squash and cabbage to spread in the middle bed.  I tend to plant things too close, hating to waste space.  Right along the fence seems the perfect place for a row of peas.  They have something to climb on.

The spinach, lettuce, radish and Italian dandelions found perfect homes beside the rhubarb.  And more peas along the other side of the fence.

The raspberries and grape vines are doing great for their second year.  There’s clusters of little green grapes already.

The flower are not to be outdone.  They are putting on a show of their own.

Words are not necessary today.

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