#April Love, #April Moon

This is the best part of my day, sitting in my space, tap, tapping out my words for #April Love and #April Moon.  The letters and words fall from my fingertips.  I inhale and exhale, one breath after another – like the words across my screen. My body feels the relief, the shedding of tightly coiled emotions and tension.  I am saved for another day.

I am a very obsessive person.  This, I now know.  It has not been very healthy for me.  My obsessiveness have spiralled me into a vortex of anxieties and other related health issues.  So my current obsession is not to be obsessive (laughing out loud not so loudly).  I’m trying to remain soft and pliable and bend like the graceful willow.  I do not need to be the mighty oak.

How do I un-adrenaline myself?  How do I remain soft around the knees as they say in yoga?  Having this space here to tap, tap out my angst is wonderful.  To move my fingers across the keyboard is restful and reassuring.  I am encapsulated in the quiet and stillness of the Universe, letting go of everything except this moment.


12 thoughts on “#April Love, #April Moon

    1. Enjoy reading you,too! Your writing resonates with me. I tried to comment on your posts but met with a couple of fatal errors. 😃. Perhaps

  1. Setting time aside to unwind at the keyboard (on whatever device) is very therapeutic for me and whatever time of day it is the best time. Visiting from April Moon 🙂 Linda

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