Today is probably one of those windy days that W.O Mitchell talks about in Who Has Seen the Wind.  It has been constant since early this morning.  The wind blows and blows, whooshing through the branches of the trees.  It wears insistently on your nerves, unsettling and disrupting your ease and thoughts.  But we do live on the prairies and the wind blows.

It is tough to stick to your guns sometimes.  It would be easy to go with the flow, to give in to your natural inclinations.  When I feel like this, I like to stick my head under the covers and hide.  But I have done a lot of that already.  It doesn’t help.  You just get more piles added to your life.  So now it is time to do something different.

I have found the little book, Sitting Kills, Moving Heals really helpful.  The author, Joan Vernikos, states that our life style of sitting is killing us.  We don’t move anymore.  Technology has enabled us to be inert.  My short time of heeding her advice have proven very beneficial.  I am energized.  I MOVE.  I do the dishes, sweep the floor, take Sheba out, weeded a small patch in the yard.  Better small patch than nothing.  Little patches add up a yard!

The wind is giving me a headache.  I get up and make a cup of green tea in my zen tea cup with a lid.  I take the kitchen waste to the composter.  I warm a cinnamon bun.  The words were hard in coming, but here they are, marching across the page.  It is like in Field of Dreams – build it and they (the players) will come.

Dreams remain dreams.  They need passion to be realized.  And passion needs commitment for direction.  Nothing is or comes easily.  Start small, start often, rest in between and start again and again.  Before you know it, those little projects will lead to a life.  And then you will know what passion is.

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