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April 5. I’m missing my daily ski – being in the great outdoors, the sky, the sun and clouds. I’m feeling the beginning of my moody blues. It’s not that I’m idle or lacking things to do. In the midst of doing, the question of what’s the point/purpose comes up. I’m lacking that joie de vivre, the joy of accomplishment. Maybe I’m just tired. Maybe it’s the weather. And then there’s the who the hell cares. I wonder if this kind of feelings drives people to drinks, drugs, affairs….Anyways, they don’t appeal to me. Not even snacking. Am I in trouble or what?

I can be happy that tonight is the last cold night I have to worry about for the greenhouse. And today was a very sunny day. It is nicely heated up for the night. It is still 18.6℃ at 6:30. The shade cloth is down and the front vents are covered with cardboard to mininize cold drafts. Even with the little electric heater, it still went down to 3.4℃ last night. But it’s suppose to go down to only -20℃ tonight. We’re almost home free now.

Well, I am feeling a bit better. Supper is almost ready. I can smell the sweetness of the Sweet Mama Squash roasting in the oven. I got a little carried away last year with how many I planted. I still have 5 down in the basement. I’ve been busy cooking, mashing and freezing them for pies and muffins. It is April and they’re getting close to their best by date. Guess what I will be doing tomorrow? They do freeze nicely in my silicone muffin pan. They pop out easy, too.

2 thoughts on “WHO THE HELL CARES?

  1. The squash looks good. I don’t seem to ever have the problem of over planting because my wife gives her sisters any food that she considers “extra” when we harvest our garden. The question “Who The Hell Cares” is a problem that you can avoid by getting into your art whenever that feeling starts to come over you. That works for me.

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