April 3. All is well though winter is still with us. We got more snow yesterday. Spring feels far away though the forecast is for a high of 20℃ in a week’s time. How crazy is that? Should I be happy or should I be worrying? We are living in an age of uncertaintly. I can’t afford to waste any energy or time worrying. This is the time to live in the moment on things I love to do and on things that will make a difference.

What do I love to do? What things make a difference? The first is easier to answer. I love words, reading and writing them. I love drawing. I’m doing both at the present time. I think they both make a difference. Writing is a form of communication, helping to spread ideas and connect with each other. I write purely for my purpose and needs. But I like to put it out there. I like to think I’m having a conversation with the Universe. If it touches and helps someone, more pleasure for me. I have found others’ writings and other forms of expression very helpful.

I’m drawing my path and life for #the100dayproject. I started the project with drawings of my holiday in Ghana of 2011. After 30 days I moved onto a different theme – myself as a child and some members of the family. Those were from the times in China and Hong Kong. It was a very wonderful way to get acquainted with the child in me through the lines of my pencil. I didn’t know that was going to happen. It’s very comforting and healing.

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