It’s April 1 and Fool’s Day. It is the first day of the Ultimate Blog Challenge wherein we are required to write a post/day for the month and share it on the UBC Facebook page. There are a few rules and not hard to abide. I’ve been participating for quite a few years now because I love the challenge of showing up every day for a set month. I love words and writing. Tapping on my keyboard is a meditation for me. I have no set format or theme for this month. My goal is to show up every day and ‘chat’. Perhaps it is not your cup of tea but it is mine.

The rhythm of my fingers on the keyboard soothes and smooths me. It makes me happy to see the letters and words march across the screen like good little soldiers. Perhaps that’s not such a good analogy. Soldiers remind me of war and there’s just too much of that in our world now. So axe that. I’m trying for a feel good month. That reminds me I have 30 days to file my income tax and it is time to pay this month’s bills. Writing brings up my memory list of have-to-do’s. It is good for my brain as well as emotional health.

I want to do and write my best for this challenge but I’m not going to kill myself doing it. April is a busy month. Aren’t all months busy and tough though? I’m going to do my best but I’m not participating in the thread this time around. It will relief the stress of have-tos and must. I generally do read more than 2 other posts in the challenge. I like to do that on my own schedule. It will also be nice to know that someone is reading my post because it caught their interest and not because they ‘had’ to.

Well, here’s luck to us all.

6 thoughts on “MY CUP OF TEA

  1. I so enjoy reading your posts. I don’t always comment but please know that people are reading and learning from your ups and downs. I haven’t decided how I will participate in this month’s UBC. But like you, I will continue to read at least 2 other blogs each day.

  2. Show up every day and chat, I like that!
    However ” feel good month” and “income tax” don’t go well together ;-)))
    Thank you for visiting my Airport post. Sorry it stressed you out though.

  3. Well there are so many different teas, but I like the way you are looking at the next 30 days, just a daily chat about life in your world. I look forward to reading it as often as possible. I am sure we will find out a little more about the plants you are raising and that is always interesting.

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