December 28. When you are an early riser and you are in the flow, you can do an amazing amount of stuff. That is how I am feeling today. I am in the flow. I am at ease and comfortable in my own skin. My brain reset itself overnight. I am happy again. However I am feeling a tad sleepy, having risen at 5:30 this morning. Time for a ginseng coffee and a muffin. They might give me a boost.

I was biting into my muffin when the guy came out of his room. He asked if I wanted to play a game of Chinese chess. I really wasn’t keen. I had found a chess set my uncle had sent me from New York a long time ago. It hasn’t been used. We didn’t know how to play but had set it up. I googled and printed out some instructions and we had played just one game. I felt tired just thinking about it. I acquiesced thinking it would be a good exercise for my brain. It’s gotten lazy, wanting to go the way of least resistance.  

I think that’s why I scroll and google so much. It is easy and mindless. It has taken over parts of my life without my awareness. I wonder whatever did I do before the world wide web. How did I start my day without Facebook and Instagram? How did I learn anything without Google? I’ve been thinking about these questions lately. I think I’ll sleep on it tonight. Sandman is tugging on my eyelids. I did a lot of shovelling today. Can you believe we had at least 10 inches of snow since December 25? It’s getting hard finding space for it all. 

December 31. Here I am, in the last hour of 2022. Life happened. More snow happened resulting in more shoveling. I’m back to finish this post so I can start on a new page for 2023. The snow has stopped. The streets are being cleared. The snow piles have settled some. We were able to head out for an early ski this morning. The sun was rising as we started out on the ski track. It was a beautiful sight, a good sign and feeling to end the year with. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

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