December 18. It’s another evening. I’m sipping on my glass of wine, feeling mellow and not as tired and heavy as I was in the afternoon. December and winter can do that to me. I have to remember not to fret so about it. I have to let go of this idea of ‘getting things done’ and being chipper as a chipmunk.

I was trying hard to get my thoughts and myself organized. I managed to get the lunch dishes done and put away. That’s a new habit I am adopting – cleaning and putting things away promptly. It stops things from piling up. My dining room table is still clear. It’s only a couple of days. Nothing to be proud of but I am. Every day it stays that way deserves a mention.

I am not getting far or fast with this post but every word is an accomplishment. I am having to work for it. When I am weighed down, feeling like a ton of bricks, nothing flows. It’s amazing that I got out on the ski trail early this morning. That’s the benefit of an established habit. I’ve done it enough times. My body moves of its own accord. I know that I will feel great once I’m out – climbing up the hills and sliding down the slopes. I’ll be chasing the good vibes, banishing the bad ones.

It is almost 8 pm. I’ve finished my glass of wine. I’ve used up all my words. It’s time for me to do my stretches and call it a day.

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