November 18. Today I miss having Sheba underfoot. I’m pitter pattering in the kitchen, making a batch of grape jelly. The house is quiet. I am alone. The guy is at his workshop building another sailboat. I am not lonely. I’m occupied, quiet and content but I miss Sheba following me around in the kitchen. She was great company.

November 19. I am still in stuck in clutterville. It’s an inexplicable dilemma why I want to move forward and yet I can’t. Maybe it is a false perception. I am making small gains though it doesn’t feel like it. I have done a load of laundry. It is hung. I’ve sewn on a missing button on my long coat. It’s back in the closet. Now I just have to put away my sewing basket. There, it is put away! It was hard and yet not so hard to do. I think I will have to talk myself through moving and doing until I regain I can do it on my own.

I am looking through my list of 21+ tiny habits, ticking off habits done.

  • I have exercised upon waking, doing my daily morning routine.
  • I have made my bed. I have read for more than 15 minutes today.
  • I have thrown away some not needed things.
  • 3 things I’m grateful for: 1) wonderful breakfast and visit with friends this morning. 2)a sunny warm day. 3) reading Stephen King’s book On Writing. It’s very entertaining and maybe helpful in unlocking my words.

November 20. A hard day altogether. I can’t clarify except that nothing is copacethic. There are hiccoughs to everything. Maybe it is because I’m not feeling well. Maybe I shouldn’t try so hard and just call it a day. WordPress sure is giving me a hard time. I’m losing more icons. How the heck do I get them back?

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