It’s day 24 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. 7 more days to go after today. Since I’ve started it I want to finish it as best as I can. It’s a cloudy damp day. I’m as sleepy as I can be. It would be easy to throw in the towel and say, Good enough! I like to think I’m made of sterner stuff though. So I’m saying, No way, José! I hope I can live up to my own expectations. I hate to disappoint myself.

The 21 tiny habits is still fresh in my mind. So let me go through them. I’m always stumped on doing the grateful things. What 3 things am I grateful for today? We-e-l-l …..

  • I’m grateful we had the furnace fixed, cleaned and tuned in the summer. It’s getting colder and it snowed yesterday.
  • I’m grateful for our greenhouse. It’s still warm enough to keep it going, hopefully for a few more weeks into November. I can go in and harvest a few things to make a stirfry or a salad and to cheer myself up. The dahlia is still in bloom. There’s still tomatoes and bitter melons on the vine. There’s still a few peppers, too, as well as celery and Swiss Chard.
  • I’m grateful that I went to my exercise class this morning. I felt least likely wanting to but I did. Movement and engagement with others is good for body and mind.

Writing this post is the last must-do on my list today. It helps to have a list and a challlenge. Somehow I feel more accountable. I’ve been keeping up with my piano practice. I had a small chunk of time this morning before heading out to the gym. 20 minutes gives me enought time to practice my scales. I’m not progressing very fast and it is hard to co-ordinate both hands at the same time. I had to break it up in small sections, play right hand, then left hand and then both together. I bet I drove somebody around the bend. I can play a few simple tunes. Here’s a short little clip of Down In The Valley. I’m better than I thought! My timing is not too terrible and I’m not sounding that mechanical. Ok, enough now. I am done!


  1. Expressing your gratitude is a great practice (as I have stated before). I am glad that you feel a sense of accomplishment with the challenge – you are doing great!

    It really is a great feeling when you can reflect on all the good things in your life, and it makes you feel even more fortunate when you compare yourself to others who may not have as much. Keep up the great work!

  2. Isn’t it interesting that you are not willing to let yourself down? It is also interesting that being determined and disciplined in one thing can make it easier to be disciplined in other things at the same time.
    Blog on!

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