I’m as grouchy as can be. I’ve taken a tylenol thinking if it doesn’t cure irritability, it might help my headache. It’s a sunny, warm 27℃. It feels hotter but the deck is still comfortable enough. There’s a strong breeze to cool things a bit. I enjoying a cuppa of decaf and a load off my feet when I heard the flapping of wings. I looked up and caught sight of a bird with things hanging from its bill on the edge of my deck cover. It made a few trips but my camera is not good or fast enough to capture the beautiful sight. This was the best I could do.

The distraction distracted my grumpiness and headache away. I think the nest is built and there are little ones in it. The mother is bringing food and checking on up on her babes. A chirp and I look up to see her sitting on the downspout of the eavetrough. I will not investigate but enjoy the show from where I sit. I do not have to know and see everything.

Nature heals and is much more potent than a doctor’s pill. It does not have any negative side effects – unless you put yourself in a path of a tornado which we’ve had in June, somewhere in Saskatchewan. The bird is still making return trips. It’s funny to see that it runs into the deck post and drops its load. Perhaps, it is still building. I can see that it’s long grassy looking things it’s carrying.

Thank you, my little feather friend for taking my mind to a higher and peaceful space. Happy nest builting.

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