It’s Wednesday afternoon and rainy. I’m trying to get with it and get going. There’s much to do. It’s not that simple. I feel stuck. I feel I have so much to share but all thoughts, feelings and words are in a melting pot. They are all mixed, stirred and blended. I cannot seem to pull each out one by one to make sense, to construct a sentence, a paragraph and a post. I guess I just have to tap away painfully slowly and painfully. Perhaps I need a cup of coffee to perk up the brain cells.

I have my coffee. I took a Tylenol for good measure. It wouldn’t hurt and might make my fingers work better on the keyboard. Weeding and this changing weather have been hard on them. I need a break from both but not sure if that is possible. I have no control over the weather. It’s hard to stay put when all those creeping bellflowers are calling. Little did I know way back when I was introduced to the groundcover with pretty blue flowers what havoc they can cause. Now they do cover pretty much of my front yard. They’ve managed to creep into the back and the sides as well.

You can see what a mess they can create. You can hardly see the bleeding heart for all their leaves. It’s another challenge for me. I know it won’t be easy. If I have a will, there will be a way. My plan is smother them by covering with layers of newspaper/cardboard and heavy mulch over top. It will keep me busy and complaining. It’s stopped raining, a good time to go out and attack another patch.

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