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It’s another Friday and I feel as crappy as can be. I suppose I should keep it to myself but I never could suffer in silence. I can blame it on the frigging weather and I will. It doesn’t help but it’s good to recognize it. That way I won’t blame myself for being a crappy person. It is not my fault! There, it does make me feel a little better. Maybe I can move on and make something of the day. But first, I think I have to take a tylenol. My hands and sinus are killing me. Too much gardening and too much pollen. The collected rainwater is yellow with it.

There, I hope it will help soon. I might have taken one not long ago but one more tylenol won’t hurt. I’ve got brain fog today, too. The weather does affect how I feel physically and emotionally. It’s a real bummer. I’m so cranky, too. I don’t show it until I have to have a conversation. Then it comes out. I’m impatient and not very sympathetic or cooperative. I’ve learned to take deep breaths and to agree with everything and everybody. And I stop talking. That way I’m not in danger of saying the wrong thing and upsetting someone’s apple cart. Peace ensues and energy is conserved. Everything will pass and it will not matter in a minute, hour and a day.

My energy sucks during these spells and everything is exaggerated. What I mean is my mess/clutter looks and feels messier. The dust and dirt are more. Everything irritates and rubs me more. Less would be better. I understand all this. I try to stay calm. I try to do my best of the moment. It works. Even a little is a great deal to be thankful for. Every little bit helps. I’m grateful for today, the rain, the clouds and now the sun.

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