Day 6 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. It is too early to take a break and skip a post. I will plod on. Over the winter I had taken a beginner’s watercolour course. I learned that the foundation to a good painting is a good drawing. Therefore, my choice for #the100dayproject is to do a daily drawing. According to Malcolm Glaldwell, if you practice one skill for 10,000 hours, you’ll have a good chance at becoming an expert at it. I’ve done day 53 now. I haven’t counted how many hours I’ve put in. Somewhere in the last while I felt I made a somewhat breakthrough.

Practice does make for better. I started out doing everything so carefully, measuring and making a grid. I used a pencil and eraser. I wanted perfect. My drawings turned out well but I felt a bit stifled. I couldn’t start without my grid and measurements. This was the opposite of what I used to do. Before taking any classes, regardless of whether I was using watercolours or acrylics, I drew with my paint brush. No pencil and eraser. That made me scratched my head. I wondered how I did that. They weren’t great paintings but they weren’t terrible either. Some of them were actually pretty good for index card paintings.

I decided to give up the pencil and eraser. I did pen drawings. No eraser needed or of any use. No rulers, no measurements and no grid. I just put down a mark with my pen and away I go. I scratch here and there, adding lines. Somehow it all comes out ok. I astound myself sometimes. I guess I must have more confidence when I know I can’t erase. I better make good or know how to fix it so that it comes out ok. And adding some watercolour sure makes the drawing come alive. Besides putting in the hours of practice, it helps if you have good paint and good paper. And you have to love the object of your creation. When a photo grabs me, I know that I can draw it. Those photos usually hold a story or an emotion. They speak to me and spill onto the page in ink and colour.

12 thoughts on “THE SECRET OF MY SUCCESS

  1. I like your work. I wish I could draw. I mean to learn to do it one day, but like other things I mean to learn like French and Piano, I never get around to it.

  2. No rulers, no measurements and no grid – I like that you let go of utensils and went with creativity and intuition instead! It’s art, not technical drawing.

  3. I am searching for a way to access my creative side. I love that you are able to explain your process for drawing and painting, I so wish I could do this, your paintings are wonderful.

  4. I always always love your drawings, and they have inspired me for a couple years now (if I remember right)..
    and totally agree with the truth you state here – ‘you have to love the object of your creation’… the only times I feel satisfied or happy with my drawings/paintings are when I either truly was passionate about what I was drawing or who I was drawing it for (sometimes for a greeting card for loved ones)…

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