January 31, day 31 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I don’t know what the fig happened. I was awol (absent without official leave) for a few days – January 28, 29 and 30. I didn’t mean to. Really, I didn’t but my days got shorter. I ran out of time. I ran out of energy and I never had a plan for those kinds of days. But I am showing up to wrap up the month and the challenge. I will have a beginning, a middle and an ending to the month and challenge.

Did I fulfill my goals for this month and the challenge? The answer is yes and no. I did not show up every single day. I did not worked through the whole Unravel Your Year workbook. I looked back on most of 2021 but not ahead to 2022. I am not much of a planner. It shows up in different areas of my life. Maybe it’s something I should work on, eh? If I had a plan B, maybe I could have shown up here every single day. No use crying over spilt milk. I didn’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

I’ve come back over and over. I have done the best I could. Life is about flexibility. It’s a little of this and a bit of that. It’s a potpourri of successes, failures, boredom, elation, stumbles, falls and everything that is possible and imaginable. I am very happy that we have the UBC platform wherein I can do my mumbling, stuttering and sharing. It’s a great place to meet others from different parts of the world and in different walks and stages of life.

I’ve taken on more than I can bite for this January. Besides the UBC, I have a weekly online adult learning course from our university. The subject is on the goddesses of India. There are no examines but the subject is very new to me. I have also signed up for an in-person watercolour class. It seemed like a good idea at the time. It still is but it’s 2½ hours every Saturday for 8 weeks. Learning something new is very exhausting – for me. After the class, I’m no good for anything cerebral. I ski to unwind. Then I am done for the rest of the day. I have 3 classes under my belt now. I’m starting to have a feel for that sweet spot. It is also very easy to fall down and into making mud again. I try not to feel too elated or too downcast. This life is a journey of ups, downs and monotony. They all contribute to the texture of my days.

Today I say farewell to January and the UBC. Much thanks to Paul Taubman our maestro and to all the members of this community. I appreciate all the visits, reads and thoughtful comments. It’s been a fun and rewarding month.

18 thoughts on “WRAPPING IT UP

  1. My month was similar to yours. Didn’t make it everyday but did the best that I could and I’m happy with that. Sounds like you’re doing some interesting and brain growing things besides your blog. Looking forward to reading more!

  2. Glad you participated and the at I got to check in sometimes. Not important that every day didn’t get a blog post. Life is about priorities. Sometimes that life just squeezes out the time.

    I’m glad I participated too!
    Hope to see you next time!

  3. Well, as you know, I can well relate to not quite showing up for the UBC in the way I wanted. But it does sound like you were busy! And that you accomplished a lot, actually. And I like what you said about always coming back. That definitely counts, in my book. And I feel good about doing that, too.

  4. Congrats on a challenge well donw Lily! You made a challenge out of the challenge and did great! Looking forward to checking out your blogs and seeing more delicious bread!

  5. Lily, I couldn’t add those classes to my week! Between UBC months, I’m working on my website, redesigning my business card, and seeing more clients. But you have reminded me of how strongly I sometimes crave to paint. Thanks for the inspiration your creativity always brings me!

  6. You sure had your hands full, and you didn’t even mention all the cooking and baking you did!
    I enjoyed following you, thanks for the lovely snow pictures 🙂

  7. Same here Lily.. I had a few other things going on at the same time as well but tried to post and play catch up whenever I could because I love the UBC community…. And your painting is simply amazing. I would definitely love to hear more about your Indian goddesses class….

  8. Sounds like a pretty ambitious month. I burned out on blog challenges in 2021, but want to get inspired again. Some days it just seems like everything is just too much trouble, but I think that’s the pandemic wearing me down.
    Watercolor is hard, so congrats for taking that on.

    1. Hi Virginia. Take heart. The pandemic will be an endemic soon. I feel burnt out some days. Watercolour is hard. Some days I am sick of it but I get over it. Just start writing – anything. Once you start, you might get a pleasant surprise.

  9. It was great to read your posts and your blog encouraged me to actually try the challenge for the first time this year. Previous years periodically I set myself my own daily blogging challenge and usually I don’t manage it. It was great to be blogging more often this January however so I thank you for the inspiration to do so. What I recognised when I attempted the challenge was how much I did enjoy the little reflections and the checking in with myself rather than the bigger posts about my adventures in the world. That is what you tend to do and it seems really beneficial. So thank you for being here and showing me how daily(or frequent) journal type writing helps.

    1. Thank you, Jan for reading and telling me. Yes, writing is more of therapy for me than anything else. It’s great for meeting others of like mind. Writing is easier for me when there is no pressure of a challenge.

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