Day 30 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. The end is here and I am happy to write the finishing post to this enjoyable and productive challenge in November. I was able to retain my purpose of a personal breathing space and yet let in new people and ideas. I was somewhat successful in changing my voice and maybe a story or two. I can’t turn over a new page over night. A little change is better than no change.

I enjoyed the camaraderie, the sharing of stories, coffees, tips, photos, cheering each other on. There’s a diverse amount of knowledge among us. I’ve learned a thing or two. As I had mentioned yesterday I’m more motivated towards decluttering. I’m remembering to restart even if I’ve had stopped. And Florence’s writes on dyslexia helps my wandering mind and concentration. I have to bring it back again and again. Then there’s Tamara’s enthusiasm. She brings light and joy from Switzerland. It rubs off on me. There’s multitudes of gifts from all of you. It would take too long to name everyone. Maybe there was a hassle or two. Those were easily side stepped and forgotten. After all, I choose to show up or not.

Yes, I would do the challenge again in January. But I wonder if our digital maestro have forgotten that he changed it to February last year. Happy birthday, Paul Taubman. Don’t eat too much cake. Thanks for the month.

15 thoughts on “THE END

  1. It’s been a great journey! Glad you persevered!
    I jumped in midway, but still see improvements in myself because of participating.

    It will be interesting to see if the next challenge occurs in January or February, but until then, keep pressing on with your blog!

    God bless!
    Ridge Haven Homestead

  2. Congratulations on completing the challenge! I’ve enjoyed reading your blogs and look forward to seeing a few between now and January. I messaged Paul and he’s going by to the January schedule!

  3. Great job Lily on completing the challenge. I didn’t post all 30 days, but I did as much as I can and feel like I also made progress but was the main goal, right? 🙂 See you online soon.

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