Day 24 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I’m always happy to share another cup of coffee with the community. There’s something so warm and soothing sharing coffee and conversation with someone who’s truly with you in the moment. It’s like being wrapped in a fuzzy blanket. I’ve been a nurse for over 30 years before retiring. I’ve had more than a few cups of coffee, too many for my health. My mug was never empty. It was good while it was good. Now the coffee I do drink is decaf and I always love a cuppa. If you were here with me, what could we talk about today?

I could probably wear your ear off with my chatter. I can get excited about the most mundane things, those very, very ordinary moments of daily life. I am captivated by thoughts and dust mote in sunlight. And if we were sitting at my dining room table, I would tell you about tablecloth that was years in the making. It started out as block building out of my extensive stash of material collecting. I had no destination, no end product in mind. Everything just evolved. I found the material was excellent to paint and embroider on. The blocks were perfect for story telling. Some are sewn together for a rich tapestry. Others are stand alones, each with their own story.

Life is like that, one block building onto another. And then you have history and stories to tell. Coffee and conversation are wonderful, isn’t that so?

10 thoughts on “ANOTHER CUP OF COFFEE

  1. Hey Lily, your stories fascinate me. You are so creative!

    Me… I talk mostly about books, learning success, and more books. Sometimes I share about the times when I created 3D framed art, but that seems so long ago. Perhaps, now that I’ve retired from a job, I can take it up again.

  2. What a great post! And that Table Cloth is an absolute amazing work of art! I would love to have coffee with you ….. imagine a retired hospital head nurse and retired hospital social worker 😊 The stories we could tell !!!!

    1. Thank you, Terry. Just one thing – I was never a head nurse, just an ordinary ward nurse doing shiftwork till the end. On social workers, I remember one we had very well – Mavis Fisher. She was an American. On crazy chance you might have ran into her, she did moved east with a doctor – Earl Morgan. The world is very small. I see online that Earl is a gastroenterologist in Windsor and won a big award in 2015. I knew Earl when he was a resident on our ward and before that as a brother of a man I had dated.

  3. Love your cup! Drinking from it should instill happiness into you!
    Oh, and your tablecloth! It tells so many stories! Is the hand-held fan a tribute to your heritage?
    Another cup of coffee is one of my favorite songs by Mike and the Mechanics.

    1. The cup was a retirement gift from a friend. Alas It got broken. The fan could be Chinese or Japanese. My sewing machine came with built in embroidery patterns of different themes. It was in Asian category.

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