It is the 9th day of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I’ve missed a few days. The thing is I can’t make up or catch up. I recognized that I can’t do everything. Some things have to go. I will have to show up when I can. I can’t make up or catch up with the Daisy Yellow Index Card Challenge either. It is way over and I am short some 21 cards. I am rethinking and revamping my idea of success and commitment. It is not a do or die. It is about prioritizing and choosing what is more important and doing the best that I can. And this is my best. Instead of throwing in the towel, I will do a post when I am able.

There was a time when I did show up and completed both of these 2 challenges. It is good to remember my successes. I’m show casing some of my better index card paintings. The index cards are 6 inches by 4 inches. The guy made frames for them. Geishas are a favourite theme for me. Perhaps I was Japanese and a geisha in a previous life.

These three painting are still staying with the Japanese theme. The first one is of peasants hurrying home from work at the end of the day across the Meguro Drum Bridge, a copy of HIROSHIGE‘s famous painting. The next one is of the Atomic Bomb Dome in Hiroshima. The 3rd is of the Itsukushima Shrine in Hiroshima. I was fortunate to have visited two famous landmarks in Japan many years ago.

The last collection of framed index card paintings are abstract studies. It is not my favourite form of art because I am not familiar and comfortable with uncertainty. It is something I have to work on.


  1. The paintings are beautiful!!! I really love those paintings in a Japanese theme, as well as the abstract paintings. I’ve never heard of the yellow card challenge but it looks great, and I’d like to try it next year!
    Also, I am behind in this challenge and it looks unlikely that I will catch up! You’re not alone!!!

    1. Thanks alot, Alice. Yes, index card was new to me but I’ve been doing it for a few years now and I really enjoy it. I looking forward to you joining in.

  2. I enjoy the paintings. It is a lesson that we all must learn. We can’t do everything. Often we forget that and keep adding to our “To Do” list without asking ourselves how we are going to do that. I am just barely keeping up but it is only the 9th day so I am sure I will not be able to keep the pace for another 21 days. You are not along.

  3. You did not account for the amount of time you spend in your garden too.
    I like the shadow box frames. Who is “the guy” who made them?
    Glad you still take time to Blog on!

    1. Thank you, Doug. The guy is my live-in. Since we are not conventionally legally married, I can’t call him husband. I’m not keen on ‘partner’. It sounds like a business or a gay couple. We’re too old to be boyfriend, girlfriend. I’m peculiar, I guess.

  4. oh my Lily!! Your talents never cease to amaze me.. those paintings are beautiful… and I was inspired by your yellow card challenge when you did it sometime back..

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