My mother with her brother and his family in New York Botanical Garden many years ago

It’s day 9 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge and Mother’s Day. I fret alot on each holiday occasion. I suppose many do, too, now that we can’t gather as before to celebrate and share a meal. It’s especially difficult when your parents are elderly. The sharing of companionship and a meal are more meaningful than gifts. I weigh the pros and cons of how to do’s and made a choice. In early April, things were looking hopeful in terms of weather and low cases of Covid-19. I thought it would be good to have my parents over for lunch and have a look at the greenhouse and the raised beds. Things change.

The weather is not as nice – windy and cool. Covid numbers not better. My sister wants to bring them lunch for Mother’s day. My brother taking them Sunday supper. So I delivered Chinese take-out for them yesterday along with some specific groceries my mother wanted. She seemed quite happy with our delivery and that also made me happy. We can have them over later in the season. It will be warmer and the garden in full swing. The yard will be neater then as we are still in the process of building a shed and garden beds around it and the greenhouse.

I AM learning to be more decisive and go with the flow. I’m not stressing myself as much, therefore feeling more at ease. Tension is wearing and takes up time. I am in small ways spending less time doing useless scrolling on the phone. Those ’empty’ times are uncomfortable. My hands have been always engaged in some activity. It will take some practice and awareness NOT to reach for the phone. It robs my concentration ability. I find it hard now to read anything and make sense of what I’m reading. I would have to read a paragraph over again. It’s one of the things I am working on. So I do it for short periods, reading slowly for it to sink in.

I thought I had more thoughts but they seemed to have disappeared. It is enough for one day. I am feeling somewhat spent after repotting 10 house plants. It was much needed and long overdued. It was not a difficult physical job. Rather it was a brain thing. I couldn’t rally myself till today but I finally got the job done. Hooray for me.


  1. The phone is a major distraction, for sure. I like to leave it behind when we take our walks.

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