March 18th, 2021. I woke at 6 am to 0℃ outside and 4℃ in the greenhouse. Funny how the temperatures dip around 8 to -1℃ and 3.4℃ before going up again. Now they are 2℃ and 5.4℃. I’m still being a weatherman. I find if I don’t record things, they are easily forgotten. I should really do a gardening journal. Maybe soon. Famous last words, eh?

I’ve done a bit of sewing this morning. A little will do me. I find that if I make a start on something, even a teeny one, I have more success of completing it. I do get overwhelmed with the big of everthing. Breaking the big into bits and pieces work. I’ve got most of my flowers seeded yesterday. I had laid out the seed packs the day before. Sometimes I just can’t get to things. Appointments, dates with friends and fatigue interfere. They are important but it is also important to return to the task at hand.

I finally threw out the last of Sheba’s kibbles yesterday. It was still sitting in the pail in the kitchen. It’s 10 months since my fur baby went to dog heaven. Time to let some of this stuff go but I can’t help tearing and choking up a bit. It’s the memories, lost and the realization you can’t hold on forever. Our lives are finite. It is the natural order of things.We each will have our turn. We learn, accept and let go. I had 14 wonderful years with her.

A lot of the snow is gone. The little monk sits exposed in sunshine. He’s been watching over the herb spiral all through the winter. He has done a good job. Most of the herbs have survived – the rosemary, thymes, moss, oregano and chocolate mint. I must also do my duty, walk my walk and live my best life.


  1. My Chocolate Labrador is 14 too, and it’s a matter of days. My heart can’t seem to come to terms with the reality of her not being here. I feel this dark cloud forming over me whenever the thought crosses my mind, but she’s just not the same. I dread the night time, as I know no one will get a good sleep. She just wakes up and decides it’s breakfast time all over again. The physical pain is taken care of, as she is currently taking enough meds to keep the pain away. It’s the mind that is going (I’m afraid).

    1. I know what you speak of. I was like that, too. And the nights were so hard when no one gets any sleep. But somehow you do get through them all. There’s no choice. I talked to Sheba alot during her last 6 months, telling her how much I loved her. They were good months. We went to the park and she ran and had fun with other dogs. And then just like that, she fell after we had our afternoon walk. She’ll get up and would fall again and again. I knew that it was time. But I treasure those months of walks and runs in the park.

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