February 23 and day 23 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. It is -6℃ outside and -2.1℃ in the greenhouse. It is 9:22 am. The sun is out but it is weak, like tepid tea. I am not feeling my best but hope it gets better than yesterday. That was a tough one – physically. I can’t be clear and coherent on exactly what was the matter. I really hate to blame the weather but it is the culprit. I’m like a barometer, feeling all the changes. I should stop feeling like I’m using that as an excuse. There is evidence that some people are more susceptible to weather changes.

I usually warn people when I’m feeling this way. When I was still working, I tell people when I’m grumpy and that it has nothing to do with them. Seemed like I was like that alot, especially in the mornings. That’s when I have more pain. Yesterday, I told the guy I was not feeling great, that I felt like screaming so he better be careful. I could not assist him in his Swedish bread making, not even in giving advice. Really, how could I when I haven’t made any. Bread is not bread at that moment. But I did give his dough a poke and thought it was fine.

I’ve just come back from my mother’s to drop off the items she had requested and some of Rod’s Swedish thin bread. She likes them and is more complimentary about them than my bread. My mother is pretty easy. She gives me a list of things to get ahead of time, at my convenience. She always says that she doesn’t need them right away. She doesn’t implore “When are you coming to see me?” It doesn’t bother her being ‘locked down’. She stands out on the steps or opens the windows to get some fresh air. I think my father is bothered but is getting used to it. They are both compromised by their age and health. But being almost 90 they are still pretty darned good. We are grateful.

I am moving through the morning. My tomato seedlings are doing splendidly. I’ved seeded a few heirloom cucumbers this morning. The sunroom is getting too much sun and heat, if that is possible. I had to close the blinds a little. It was aggravating my everywhere pain. Cutting down the spruce trees made a big difference. They were just babies when I planted them. I took no notice as they slowly grew and how much shade they provided over the years until they’re gone. Then wow! There is such as too much of a good thing. It’s good that I have built in blinds in the windows. I can see that I will be using them more in the summer. There is good and not so good with change.


  1. I’m so loving your little tidbits about your life – maybe to you they’re not little or tidbits but it’s so nice to get some minute-by-minute description of someone else’s daily life. It’s also fun to read.

  2. I started listening to a song by Bob Dylan called “Idiot Wind” featured on Michael Moore’s latest podcast “Rumble”— and the playlist went on for hours! I need to listen to more music. It lifted my mood- that and dancing and deep breathing

    1. What a difference with the trees gone! My hubby has a built in barometer also, he can tolerate just so much pain so I understand yours. You do keep busy though, hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for you.

  3. I am always sad to see large shade trees get chopped down. They do that a lot here in Mexico, and most of them can not afford an air conditioner so they sit outside during the hot season because without the trees their houses become ovens. I am glad to hear the tomatoes are doing well. We are a few weeks away from our planting season but we are preparing the ground now. The biggest challenge is to get bobwire around the land to keep the cows from eating the plants. (we have roaming cows that pass through our farm at night, they belong to other farmers that turn them loose. If we don’t protect our crops they will be eaten before they are ready to harvest.

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