It is 3:19 pm on the 17th of February, the 17th day of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. It is -17℃ outside and 36.6℃ in our greenhouse. There are 124 new cases of #COVID19SK. I’m having a chocolate chip pumpkin muffin along with a decaf while I tap on the keyboard. It’s a reward after my daily afternoon ski. It works. And that is what I’m examing today – things that work for me. You may find them helpful, too.

Participating in online challenges work for me very well. Doing this Ultimate Blog Challenge has me coming to the keyboard every day. The100dayproject has me sewing on my Bernina every day. I will have 100 quilt squares sewn at the end. I have discovered that after I get going I’m more efficient and skilled in putting a square together. I’m now starting to sew 2 squares one day and use the 2nd day for a rest or other things.

Repetition can promote flow for me. My quilt squares are all the same. They all are the traditional log cabin pattern. The difference lies in the fabric. After building 17 squares I can do it by memory now. I don’t have to look at my book at how the pieces go. It has become a meditational process. It is the same with lane swimming. I go up and down the lane, doing the same strokes. I get into a rhythm and my strokes get more efficient the more I do. That has come true in my cross country skiing, too. I have been out there day after day after day. I’ve first put on the skis on November 22, 2020. At long last I feel the flow/glide.

Finding the flow saves time and energy. It also makes life more enjoyable. I don’t mind being repetitive and maybe a little boring sometimes. It works for me.


  1. HI Lily, I am enjoyed the UBC as well. It helps keep me focused on writing daily where I might slack off otherwise. I like goals too, but find I have too many to work on at one time. I guess I need to write them down and mark them off as I do them. Thank you for sharing you story today.

  2. definitely in the flow Lily.. your 100day project inspires me to keep trying – so while I am not doing one a day and did not start on day one, I am working on one twice a week at least..

  3. Really love the idea of finding my flow. I am going to start the 100 day project today but am not too sure what to do…perhaps a return to blogging everyday.. or writing in some form everyday? Or perhaps like you and your skiing outside everyday, I could move my body in some way every day for 100 days? I always want to do all of the things and then I don’t do any of them. So just one thing not lots is best. I think that would help me focus as I am a bit scattered at the moment.

    1. Good luck on your 100 day project, Jan. Pick something easy and of interest to you. My first 100 day project was to make art every day. That was my passion when I was young, to become an artist. I double majored in fine art and literature in university. I dropped out after 2 years. I talked about art but never made much at all till I did the project. Every little improvement got excited. It was really quite amazing. It’s the same way with my skiing. I’m not very good at all but am improving. We’re used to going out every day with Sheba, so now we ski instead. With my quilt squares, I already had a bag of cut up strips from years ago and never sewn together. It’s physical, not much thinking, follow the pattern. It’s relaxing and now a routine. I’m doing something constructive in an empty what should I do part of the day. Just pick something. It doesn’t have to be big. See where it goes. Best wishes.

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