Happy Valentine’s Day. It is February 14th, halfway through the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I had struggled through the early parts of it. I am struggling still, having no discipline to set time daily to write. I give in easily to my writer’s block, the lure of Netflix and other distractions, lack of organization and planning of topics. I did have a goal of having more content but gave in to mostly ‘diary writing’. I can blame it on being retired and no business to promote. It is still not too late. I still have 14 days to improve. There’s always the next challenge. Perhaps it would be a good idea to take in the training offered then.

My stats are not going off the chart but I do have a few followings. Since I do not have a business to promote, I am happy with my traffic. I could be happier with more. I am not competitive but I like being in the Ultimate Blog Challenge. It is a community and does provide readership. I am challenged to be a more productive writer. I appreciate getting writing tips and topic suggestions from Paul Taubman, the administrator. I also like having rules, even set ones like commenting on the 2 blog posts directly above mine. It forces me to read and comment on topics I might not like or easy to read and comment on. It helps me to exercise my reading and commenting muscles. I like being informed what are and are not good comments. It all helps in becoming a better writer.

It’s Sunday. I am giving myself a break and call this finished. I’ve pushed myself hard on the ski trail today, doing 3 laps around the park with a best time of 9::45.54 minutes on my second lap. I’m still on track with my 100dayproject with the 15th Log Cabin quilt block. The high in our greenhouse was 32.1℃ at 3:19 pm. Presently it is 4.4℃ at 6:15 pm. I better get my shit and seeds together soon. My valentine is preparing our supper. No long stem rose.


  1. There comes a time in everyone’s life, and has come in mine, where the need to compete, get better traffic, compare myself to others and otherwise caring what others think of me or what I write- is over. At least, for today!

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