Challenges can be invigorating, but they can be irksome and exhausting. My 100dayproject is labour intensive. I chose to make a quilt block a day. Not only that, I chose the Log Cabin pattern. It involves 17 logs of different lengths, starting with 2 logs that are an inch square. That involves a bit of cutting, sewing and pressing but I never get mentally blocked.

Writing challlenges are quite a different thing. First you have to come up with a topic or storyline. Then you have to come up with the words. There are many road/mental blocks. On this 10th day of the UBC, I’m looking at one. I’m using our moderator’s suggestion of sharing a video. It’s on what we have/ am doing in pursuit of our passions. We are passionate about the sustainability of our planet. We are doing the best we can to leave the smallest carbon footprint as possible.

To this end we have 40 solar panels on the roof. We have switched to LED lightbulbs. We are trying to grow as much of our own food as we can. We have been a part of a community garden for about 4 years. We have 6 self wicking raised garden beds. There are 3 of them in the backyard and 3 in the front, much to our neighbour’s displeasure. She calls them coffins. We also have a rainwater catchment system. We only use city water for the garden if absolutely necessary. We thought we could still do more. Last fall we took down our 2 spruce trees and built a passive solar greenhouse.


  1. Wow, so impressed, this is amazing. Happy planting and growing your beautiful food. Kudos to you and “the guy” a multi talented partnership!

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