It’s a chilly day 6 of February and the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I woke up to a -33 Celsius outside and a -24.7 Celsius in our solar passive greenhouse. The cold killed all our outdoor solar motion sensor lights. I hope they come back when it’s warmer. Yesterday, the cold drained the battery on my iPhone. It lasted till I finished my ski. I was able to time my 2 laps around the park. The sun is bright and sunning. It’s warmed a degree outside and it is considerably warmer in the greenhouse, a balmy -6.3 degrees Celsius. I will probably have to wait till March to plant in there.

I’ve nixed the idea of skiing today. I do want to go but it would be a stupid idea with a windchill of -41 degrees Celsius. I have this addictive nature but I can stop. I’m sipping my tea and tapping a few words. I have dough bubbling and rising in the kitchen. It is spilling over. I have to run and tend to it.

So much for organization. I’m back but it is bedtime. Too late to go into the details of the bread making. Perhaps that’s a post for another day. All my bread is tucked in their bags and in the fridge/freezer. I was perhaps over zealous with my baking. I did my usual 6 loaves of whole wheat and 2 loaves of sourdough. It’s a good way of warming the house on a bitterly cold day. I also want to make good use of the oven, baking the sourdough right after the whole wheat comes out. Right after that, I slide in a tray of egg shells to dry them and crushing them after for the garden.

The bread making was no problem. That part was enjoyable. It was the cleaning up and putting away that’s really draining. I hung in there till it was all done. I admit I was feeling a bit testy at the end. But all is well. A glass of wine with supper, a hot shower,a movie and popcorn smoothed my ruffled feathers. I even managed to do my Log Cabin square for the100dayproject. Now I’m finished for the day.

11 thoughts on “MY BOWL RUNNETH OVER

  1. What a busy day you had despite the weather. I admit that your description of the coldness had me wrapping myself up in a crocheted afghan, looking for warmth (it’s rather cold here, too).

  2. Now, I don’t like it THAT cold and here in Queensland Australia, Sunday afternoon it is 32 degrees. We are in summer. It would be cold in China right now too!! Your bread looks great!

    1. Thank you, Di. I do remember the cold in China when I was a kid with a runny nose. Sometimes a cold spell is a good excuse for almost anything and everything. 🙂

  3. Hi Lily, I grew up near Winnipeg (winter peg) and remember the -40 degree days. I do appreciate a warm home and warmer weather. My wife and I were talking on Zoom with our son in Ottawa. He has been making nan bread and pita and even tortilla breads at home. He says they are all about the same bread dough recipe just rolled out and cooked faster.
    I imagine you are really looking forward to getting things growing in your new green house.

  4. I really enjoy sourdough but I have no starter since moving to Mexico. I have family coming from the states in March, I will see if they can bring some for me and if so I will start from scratch making bread for the family. It will probably be sourdough baguettes instead of loaves. You do make a lot of bread at one time but it is a form of meditation so that is good. Stay warm, you will have more days to ski yet this year.

    1. You can make your own starter. It’s just flour and water. Google and you will get lots of instructions. I bake big batch to make use of oven and save electricity. It’s another frigid -38 degrees C this morning.But it is very sunny.

  5. Your breadmaking inspires me. I am really wanting to bake Danish rye bread. Maybe I will post about it once I have done that. Thanks for sharing.

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