Rising Above

Gosh, writing can be almost as difficult as doing the lunch dishes. I’ve got the dishes done, been out for a short trot around the ‘hood and did some snow removal. I’m a bit out of huff. However, I’ve had a pumpkin chocolate chip muffin and is sipping on a hot cup of tea. I shall try to rise above my writing inertia. I had skipped out yesterday. Too many skips and I might abandon ship altogether.

Last night we watched an episode of Grey’s Anatomy where Meredith Grey was trying to rise above, trying to do the right thing. It reminds me of myself. I always try to do the right thing, rising above. The result is that I’ve become very resentful and angry sometimes. Because all my effort doesn’t seem to matter. Nothing good comes out of it. It was good to see that portrayed in Meredith, even if she is an actress. And that it is just a show. I see that I am not such a bad person after all. I’m just human like everyone else.

That’s what I love about the show. The characters are human and real. They have the good, bad and ugly in them. That’s what I have to remember about myself and others. I have to be a little generous, give everybody the benefit of the doubt and not be so judgemental. I don’t know anybody’s story except my own. Where am I going with this? I’m just snow shovelled weary and mumbling somewhat incoherently. I’m remembering yesterday’s happiness of having a nice neighbour. He was not only nice but had a snow blower, willing to help and have a friendly conversation.

I haven’t experienced that in such a long time. I’m a little delirious. And I am weary, trying to rise above to finish this post. The greenhouse temperatures are holding steady. It’s usually around -5 degrees C in the morning and +2-3 degrees C in the day when there is no sun. I don’t expect the greens I seeded to germinate now, but the few things I planted seemed to be ok still. I have to be satisfied just to observe things for the next 3 months. Nothing exciting will probably happen till late February, early March. I best settle down and use my energy planning for then. I think I’m a little over weary.

7 thoughts on “RISING ABOVE

  1. While you shovel snow, we try to catch the breeze outside. Our weather here in northern New South Wales Australia has been a bit erratic lately, but today is about 27 degrees C.
    Stay warm Lily.

    1. Thank you, Maureen. We are at opposite seasons. We did get 20 degrees C in the greenhouse this afternoon for a short while. I hope you are keeping well.

      1. Thank you, and I hope you are well too. I have followed your greenhouse construction with interest. What a fantastic idea to keep your beautiful plants safe and warm. I can’t wait to see the photos of your beautiful garden in Spring.

  2. I think 2020 is making us all weary. Keep on keeping-on as we have no other choice. I’m actually starting to feel hopeful, but maybe it is just that I’ve adjusted to the restrictions of the pandemic.

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