Lists are helpful, even if they are only in my head. Some things I just can’t do like writing them down. So what was on my mental list today? Seeding my greens in the greenhouse. November will give them a month to get establish once germinated. And what better timing now that we have a mild four days. A time crunch gives me that incentative to get it done. That took priority over lunch dishes this afternoon. Now the planters of greens are seeded, watered and under row covers for the night. The temperature this afternoon was 80 degrees fahrenheit but who knows what it will do overnight. Will have to check and note what it is first thing in the morning.

Getting the greens seeded was my main concern. The greenhouse still needs a door and raised beds. They are in the making. We will be all closed in for the winter. Other things like the rock wall for heat retention can wait.

I’m in the after supper time. I’m tapping, recording my day. It helps to track my growing endeavours – what and when I plant and how they do. I have a garden journal but I forget to write in it. This makes me more conscientious and accountable. It keeps me walking my talk. I almost cancelled my walk this afternoon. But I didn’t. Fatigue can always be an excuse. I got up off the couch, put on my coat and shoes and walked. It was actually more restful than resting. Lesson learned.

Now I’m done for the day. Tomorrow is another day.

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