Almost There

It is raining. I’m glad I got my walk in before it started. I’m here but I don’t know how to get started. You would think the rain would be a good conversation starter. It isn’t. Maybe if I get up and pace a bit. Trying too hard can be counter productive so I might as well just tap my usual drivel. Two more days left to the Ultimate Blog Challenge after today. I’m almost there.

I’m not terribly rested and chirpy having had a day to do as I please. I feel cranky as can be. Maybe I shouldn’t think about days off. I should just keep trucking along life’s highway. I was happy on my walk through the park near the school. It was good to see so many kids out playing and laughing, wearing their masks. I never saw so many children playing outside before Covid.

There are some good side effects from this pandemic time. It’s not all gloom and doom. Maybe we could work our way back to engage and live life instead of watching reality shows on TV. Maybe we can use this time in ‘lock down’ to find solutions to reverse climate change and have a greener planet. There are so many maybes but it’s good to throw them out there. It’s better than crying over what we have lost. Those are the things that we probably didn’t value before. If we did, we would have taken better care, wouldn’t we?

I am cranky and irky but I am not unhappy, depressed or despairing. I like challenges. These times are challenging but when is it not? We should just get over ourvelves and get to work. Our greenhouse is almost finished. I am looking forward to seeding and growing greens. The temperature in it was 30 degrees Celsius the other day with the sun shining. I’m excited. I think I can grow greens even in winter. I found a gardener on YouTube who could in -31 C without heat. I’m pumped.

2 thoughts on “DAY 29 UBC -ALMOST THERE

  1. Greenhouse almost ready to go sounds great. A nice place to focus when you are not sure what to write about. We are all interested in eating healthy food. On our farm, we grow as much as we can but we still need to get some items from local farmers’ markets. The trick is to know which are the farmers and which are businessmen, selling stressed produce while dressing and acting like local farmers. We look around their stands and usually can spot the cases the produce came it if it is from big block produce farms. Keep us posted on your new greenhouse adventure.

    1. Thanks, William. It is rewarding to grow your own food. I was aiming to have fresh greens from our raised beds till end of this month. Would have made it except for a patch of cold. We’re enjoying some warmer weather now. I hope to seed some greens next week.

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