Chinese Air Force Day

It’s Friday, Chinese Air Force Day. You know – Fly day! Get it? I’m having a joke on myself. It’s good to laugh once in awhile even though I’m not the laughing kind of girl. I’m super serious. I was still in a ranting kind of mad about not asleeping well because of bright city lights this morning. What you get when you hang onto rants is not good at all. I learned it the hard way. This morning I was still constipated as all get up. I ate 2 prunes last night with no show. Then I ate 2 more this morning. It was difficult and painful. It was like having a baby! Sorry, too much information and sharing.

I’m somewhat better. I was late getting to the aerobics class this morning. My mind was all afluttered and distressed. I was still teed off and suffering the side effects of the sleeping pill. I had to pay more attention driving. I could have easily gotten into an accident. It was nice my classmates helped me assembled my equipment for the tabata class. I have to admit I didn’t give it my all. I faked some of the hard stuff but I still worked up a sweat.

After lunch I went shopping for black out drapery lining. Thanks to Martha DeMeo I learned something new. I never knew of such a thing before. Now I can make my windows totally light proof. I had a little trouble finding things but it prooved to be fun. I rambled away at another customer on a different search. I bounced off ideas on her. What do you think of this and that? It helps to have another input. While I was there, I picked out the hardware to put it on. The bonus was everything was 50% off. I didn’t do the cheapy thing like a true Chinese either. I treated myself with NICE.

I had hated to cover up my nice warm wooden framed windows with built in venetians. Now I am excited with doing an do over. Besides, sleeping is more important. I can solve a problem even if there is no cooperation. Life is good. Change is good. I have a new project. The material is heavy and nice enough. I can use it as the curtain. I can dress it up with some stitching or embroidery. I love the curtain rod. It’s a good accent. I am grateful for challenging times.

One thought on “DAY 16 UBC – CHINESE AIR FORCE DAY

  1. Great to hear you are on with your project and are feeling better. We all get crabby when our sleep routine is disturbed. Sounds like you have a lot of self awareness which is something I could learn from you.

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