Then and Now

Today I can say to myself, You’ve come a long ways, baby. I have. It feels damn good. We have to document these moments, these milestones for prosperity. What better time than during the Ultimate Blog Challenge? It is a beautiful October, full of sunshine, blue skies and autumn leaves. I am filled with good tidings and joy. Not too long ago, I was crying the blues, writing alot about my SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and all my woes. I must have sounded like a sad sack.

That is not to say that I will have smooth sailing from now on. Or that I will sound forever like Pollyanna. I could very well and most likely will, fall off the cheerful wheel soon enough. But for now I can luxuriate in my joy bubble bath. That is my theme/goal for this challenge. I want to talk about the good times. I know it has only been 7 days but I can see that setting intentions work. Talking/focusing less of bad vibes brings more good vibes. Less is more.

It is getting on in the evening. We’ve had a busy day putting sidings on the greenhouse. The dishes and shower are calling. Then there’s Grey’s Anatomy and ice cream. It has been a wonderful day spent outdoors, working on our dream project. It is good for my soul soaking up sunshine and looking at the blue sky. I was a helper, ladder holder and bandaid fetcher. In between I raked leaves, sat and sipped tea.

9 thoughts on “DAY 7 UBC – THEN AND NOW

  1. That is a great reminder for me, to focus on the good vibes and all I have to be grateful for. You are right we could be in danger of being a Pollyanna if we don’t allow ourselves to feel the sad feelings, however having good coping strategies to help us at those times ensure we don’t get stuck in the mud. Great project and good to do something like that together.

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