The after-lunch-dishes time has become my mindfulness practice. It’s easier day by day. I’ve developed a rhythm of putting things away. First this and then that. Now it’s time to  scrape off the dishes and stack them for washing. I plug in the kettle to get some quick hot water, squirt the soap into a big bowl/pot and watch the suds form. One by one I wash and rinse each item and put them on the rack to dry. Today I felt movement and flow. I feel pleasure. Is it possible? Can I believe myself?

Well, anything is possible. I’m starting to rethink a lot of things – like pleasure and fun. I’m a serious person. I’ve been told that I’m also eccentric. I suppose I am since I don’t like having fun, not the kind most people go for anyways. I’ve always felt apologetic about myself. I feel obligated to go along with someone else’s kind of fun. I have to rethink that, too. Why do I care so much about others and so little of myself? I have done it for so long, I’ve lost a sense of self. I have much rethinking to do.

What is the definition of fun anyways? Google says it’s a noun and means enjoyment, amusement, or lighthearted pleasure. Synonyms are pleasure, entertainment, enjoyment, amusement, excitement, gratification. I think I’ve been wrong about myself in the fun department. I do like fun. I find pleasure, enjoyment, amusement, excitement and gratification in many things. Some are serious as in participating in this Ultimate Blog Challenge. Serious is an okay fun, isn’t it? I derive a lot of pleasure tapping out my words, ideas and stories.

I do have lighter hearted fun. I have fun painting on index cards for the Daisy Yellow Index Card a Day Challenge. I read a wide genre of books. I enjoy lunch dates and dinner parties. I’m not much for large or loud parties though. And for laughing out loud fun, I make videos of Sheba. Here’s one from when she was young and really full of fun.

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