Hallelujah, I’ve completed my tax return! All I have to do now is check, optimize and push the submit button. I get a grand total of $44.58 back! I had to give them some dollars a few times during the year. I do not have alot of deductions and write offs. I am happy to give to the government in good faith and trust that they will make good use of it for all our benefits. It’s naive of me but what else can I do? It’s a relief to get this chore off my shoulders. Now I can relax and enjoy the day. I still have some minutes to tap a few words before the Brain Change Summit begins.

A few words is all I can manage sometimes. It’s not all that easy to change my thoughts on a dime. Ideas and words are slow in coming. I have to ease into it. So in the meantime, I take care of some other business like brushing Sheba’s teeth. She’s letting me get into her mouth with my finger and massage her gum and teeth. The peanut butter flavoured toothpaste helps. Next is her ears. She balks at the sight of the ear wash bottle. I try to minimize stress anthe d increase ease with dampened cottonballs. It’s a short quick clean. Too long and she starts clicking her teeth at me. Her ears will get a good clean with her monthly maybe longer bath.

It is evening now and I am tired. There is such a thing as too much information. I’ve listened to 2 sessions of the Brain Change Summit. Session 1 was on healing the broken brain. Session 2 – the neuroscience of resilience through compassion . They’re very interesting subjects, but I can handle and hold only so much. Now my brain needs a rest. It’s all a-buzz with too much noise and stuff. It’s time to tune out and let go of everything. Tomorrow is another day.


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