I have another secret. I’m enjoying the process of clearing and cleaning. I’ve held onto my stuff for too long. Even the dust was getting stale and taking up space. In my eagerness and ecstasy, I dropped a glass candle holder I was dusting this morning. It shattered into many splinters on the floor. I went Oh No! in my head. But as I was sweeping up the pieces, I realized that it just sits on top of the china cabinet, not doing anything. Maybe I lit a candle once in its whole life. Now there is one less dust collector and more space for me to breathe.

I’m enjoying my space and the silence of the afternoon. Sheba is content on her cushion. I’m sipping tea, relaxing my face, breathing in the peace. I’m settling my mind, quieting the swirling dust within and exhaling them out. Talk and conversation are not useful sometimes. He said. She said. You said. I said. THEY said. Harmful and poisonous words. I let them all go with my exhale. It is difficult to live congruently – talk the walk, walk the talk. So sometimes it is best not to talk at all. I’m not good at multitasking. Let me just do the walk for now. And the rest will come. That’s what THEY say anyways.


One thought on “SILENCE BECOMES ME

  1. Clearing space & letting it all go is so powerful! And not only do unwanted things take up space but if we aren’t in love with them, they might be holding negative energy we don’t need. So I totally get what you were saying.

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