Some days are heavier than others. Today was HEAVY but I found the oomph to get up and get going to my step aerobics. How appropriate it was that we were stepping to the song of Chain Gang. I lost myself in the stepping and the music – feeling it all along with the gang. Music and stepping can be the best medicine on days when the grey sky presses heavily down.

I did no heroics but tried to be more present. I asked myself what my purpose was for the day. I had a mental list.

  1. Work hard at exercise (at 8/10)
  2. Speak impeccably. Avoid idle gossipy chatter.
  3. Buy some nice watercolour paints at Hue’s Art Supply.
  4. Buy dog food at Early’s.
  5. Phone SaskTel for clarification of our package.

I am happy to say that I achieved all the above, more or less. I concentrated and worked up a sweat in class. The weight workout was excellent, easing the heaviness out of me. I tended to business, no excess energy for conversation. I bought Sheba’s dog food. Hue’s was on the same street but it took me an extra try to find it though I’ve been there before. In the end I had to stop to google their address. I discovered they were only a block further down the street.

I looked up my SaskTel account and the guy did the phoning since he had negotiated the contract. Good news. SaskTel made the mistake of giving us the wrong promo package. We were charged much less for the last 6 months. And our 2- year promo package will start from now. We do not have to pay back since it was not our mistake. An excellent ending to a heavy day. I hear the hammer dropping. The end.



  1. yaaaassssss do what you can!
    one of the many things i do is i teach zumba to senior citizens at an independent living facility. music magic and when it translates into movement, it is miraculous.

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