I feel like the Rolling Stones wrote the Satisfaction song for me. It sums up my feelings perfectly today. But the beat did perk me up some. But just because it’s the way I feel, it’s not permission to behave badly. Though it was another cold and dark morning, I went for my Saturday morning swim. After giving in to my snacking and exercise avoidance yesterday, I set my intentions last night. Get up, dress up and show up. So after my morning cup of tea, I packed my gym bag, counted to 5 and went out the door.

I guess I got some satisfaction that I lived up to my intentions. Early cold Saturday mornings are almost guarantee for a lane to myself. Other people must have had the same thought. Though I did have a lane to myself, all the lanes were occupied shortly. I tried too hard to perfect my backstroke. I didn’t get the pull that propelled me forward. I splashed myself alot. Funny how I hate getting water on my face when I’m already immersed in it. I think it’s the pain of water getting into my nose. I haven’t yet learned to slow down and relax into the strokes. Instead I thrash all the more faster making things worse.

I can’t get satisfaction that way. But I did swim almost the whole hour. Should help a bit ridding the double chin I’m developing. It doesn’t worry me enough to stop snacking. I had a few more taco chips and salsa this afternoon. It was pleasurable to hear the snap and crackle and that tangy taste on my tongue as I finished reading K is for Killer.

I really shouldn’t say I got no satisfaction today. I think I am just restless. I’ve had other times like this. The best thing I’ve learned to do is stay calm, be brave and watch for the sign. Gracie Heavy Hand is a wise woman. She’s the next best thing to Caroline Myss. I’m heeding her both of their words.

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