It’s a cloudy December Sunday. I still got a wee bit of Saturday sunshine to carry me through. We all slept in till after 8 this morning, even Sheba. Wonder of wonders! But she barked shrilly for her breakfast. Wake up! Feed me! We stumbled out of bed. Well, we were up late last night. Till 11 pm watching a movie about James Brown.

This warm, melting December does not agree with me. I am sore and achy. It’s not the stabbing kind of pain but rather dull, wearing and constant. Sometimes I want to scream. It must also burns up calories because I’m hungry already. It’s only 3 pm, Sheba’s supper hour. I guess it’s my snacking time. One piece of flat bread tasted pretty good. It makes me want more. I’ll restrain myself. I’ll just keep on tapping here. Perhaps I could google recipes for potato pancakes. Someone had posted some pictures on FB yesterday. It reminded me of my childhood friend’s mother’s potato pancakes with icing sugar on top. They were so good!

Strange but I haven’t had potato pancakes since then. It has been many decades. I wonder why? The memory comes up once in awhile. My mouth would water. They even have it on the menu at Smithy’s Restaurant. I’ve never ordered it and I dine there more than a few times. Perhaps I don’t want to ruin that memory of Barbara’s mom’s pancakes. Barb’s parents owned the hotel in Maidstone, Saskatchewan. They lived in their apartment within the hotel. They were Polish and still had an accent. Her father’s name was Steve. He was a bit short and stout but not fat. I don’t recall what her mother’s name was. I don’t think I called her anything except maybe Mrs. B…. The last name is difficult to say and harder to spell.

I think Mrs. B liked me more for her daughter’s friend than Barb did. She would make those pancakes for us when I visit. One time I overheard Barb saying to her that she shouldn’t have to invite me to all her parties. I pretended not to hear but I felt crushed. Our friendship got cooler. I have pride and I am considerate. I wasn’t going to throw myself where I wasn’t wanted. I am still that way today. Proud! You know what they say about pride. It goes before a fall. But I am not that way. I am not conceited or have self importance. Rather, I am the opposite.

I did find a recipe for potato pancakes. Looks easy enough. Some Sunday soon, I will try it out. Maybe it will measure up to Mrs. B’s.

  1. Mix potato, onion, eggs, crackers, salt, and pepper together in a large bowl
  2. Pour enough vegetable oil into a sklet to fill about 1/2-inch deep; heat over medium-high heat.
  3. Drop spoonfuls of the potato mixture, first pressing potato mixture against the side of the bowl to remove excess liquid, into the hot oil; slightly flatten the latkes into the oil with the back of your spoon so they are evenly thick. 
  4. Cook in hot oil until browned and crisp, 3 to 5 minutes per side. Drain latkes on a plate lined with a paper towel.




  1. Time to make the Latkas!!! Or Potato Pancakes!! Very good recipe, we use Matzo Meal instead or crackers or sometimes I would use panko breadcrumbs. Went to my son’s deli today and my husband had them for lunch with a bowl of soup! Now you have me craving them again!!!! Great post!

    1. Thanks, Terry! I will try out the recipe Christmas or Boxing Day. I feel so busy even though I’m not doing any of the Xmas stuff. I’m the ultimate sloth. 😀


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