David Cassidy died today, the radio announcer said. He was 67. Holy cow! I thought. That’s young. I had to sit in the car till I Think I Love You finished playing. Not that I was such a fan of his or the show, The Partridge Family. I don’t know what it is really. Every time I hear of a celebrity dying, I’m surprised or something.  Stardom doesn’t protect them from the very ordinariness of being human and dying. How silly can I be?

I find it very sad when you see how young he really was then and now at his passing. The song over, I got out of my car. I am leaving all that behind. So long, David. I hope you find that love up there.

So it’s good bye celebrity news and hello Sobeys. I had lunch and my ordinary life on my mind. What to make? I had meatballs on my mind. It’s been awhile since I’ve done any grocery shopping. The guy had taken over that duty. Now I’m always a bit lost inside a grocery store, never mind not our every day one.

I was in a bit of awe in this Sobeys. Walking in, I picked up a black shopping basket. I see a woman picking up a made to order sushi dish. Interesting! I thought and cast my eyes over the glass that separated the sushi maker and me. She smiled a greeting at my curiosity. I was tempted but I moved on. More food making stations. There was soups, pizzas, pasta, empadas. My mouth started watering at these sites and smells. I remembered my mission and sauntered further into the store. It was much further in that I found my ground beef. $7 for a pack of extra lean. It was a much better deal than the ready-made. I could make a whole lot more meatballs.

Heading out, I passed more temptations. Oh! a Starbuck right in store with a very nice sitting area. Lots of windows. I could just very well sit here, pick up some sushi and maybe an empada, order a latte. If I had my laptop, I could just sit and tap away after my meal. It was so quiet, too. Not a table was occupied.  Wow, I should grocery shop more often. Who would think I could get excited at Sobeys? Obviously, I’m no celebrity material.



3 thoughts on “I THINK I LOVE SOBEYS

  1. (Forgot the rest of my comment lol)
    Sounds like an interesting Grocery store to visit, with so many made to order choices.

    And I found out today David Cassidy has a daughter who is an actress. She’s one of the characters in the show Arrow I believe.

    1. It is an interesting store but a lot of distractions for a grocery store. They don’t want you to cook or buy groceries. They want to keep you there and spend money on their ready made stuff.

      I think David Cassidy has a son also. Never heard of the show Arrow. I mostly watch the news on TV.


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