I am fresh back from a little roadtrip. It was an interruption of the everyday grind, a little jolt from the taken- for- granted joys of home. Now I must use my new frame of reference to appreciate what I have here in the moment. Nothing stays the same, life is changing as we live it. As the moments pass, so do many things – some beautiful, some not. Or so it seems.

Life is and is not what it seems. I becry about its adversities so much. I find so much fault with people and relationships. But now, in this moment, I find that it is I, seeing the world with the wrong pair of eyes. My vision has cleared momentarily. Everything is as it should be. The world and life is a stage. We are but a temporary cast. The story lines and players are complex and forever changing.

I’ve come to appreciate all of life’s acts – the happy and tragic. They are all necessary and beautiful as one transitions into the next. There is flow. We cannot stop it. We have to play our part.

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