Here I am, sleepless in Saskatoon. It’s not often that I have trouble sleeping nowadays, but I did last night.  After getting up to the bathroom at midnight, I had that feeling that I wounldn’t get back to sleep. I didn’t. After an hour, I got up. I might as well do something useful instead of tossing and turning. I know that my coming day will not be productive. At least I would have something to show for the night.

What would be the thing to do? Filing would not be a relaxing thing. Nor was my mind up to it. I could read the book, Lawrence Hill’s The Illegal. It’s a good read but I have so many distractions. I’m not getting very far into it and it will be due back in the library soon enough. I decided I was still distracted. I needed something without focus. I decided to finish my palm tree painting. No concentration, just dabbing paint here and there. It was a good choice. 2 hours later, it was finished. I was happy with it. Feeling relaxed but still wide awake. I went back to bed anyways. I closed my eyes. If not asleep, at least I could say I got some shut eye.

I was happy to get out of bed when 6:30 am came. I did managed to get a wee bit sleep – maybe 3-4 hours. I’m feeling a bit strung out, cold and shivery.  Not stressing though. Trying to rest is more tiresome than not. I’m just piddling along with my day, doing the best I can. I’m here, aren’t I, tap, tapping away. I’ve made and ate lunch. The dishes are soaking a bit longer than need be. I’ve done a bit of drawing for an IG challenge. Kitchen and dining room floor are swept of dog hair and food grumbs. I’ve filled the raised garden beds in the back and picked some tomatoes and beans. Sleepless but not stagnant in Saskatoon.

What do you do when you can’t sleep?

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