IMG_4730It is snowing again, fluffy flakes coming down.  I think of  Snow Falling on Cedars.  Not so much of the movie but the image. There’s something about the phrase that grabs me every time. I try to capture it whenever it snows like this. I always fail even though the two Buddhas do make a nice picture. Maybe you can’t do everything with an iPhone.

Days like this, I just want to languish like a wet noodle on my love seat.  Would it not be lovely not to have to do anything, be anything?  It’s good in thought and theory.  From past experience I know I will become a mushy wet noodle past resuscitation. So I give a great big sigh and heave myself up.

IMG_4119The past due bed linen are now in the wash.  The thought of doing is much harder than the doing.  I’m back, now craving another cup of tea.  What is it that makes me delay and delay things?  The answer, my friend, is blown in the wind.  For now, I sit with the discomfort and my tea.  It is not so bad.  Perhaps I can get a few things done – make a list of to do’s.  I have enough of those.  It would feel good when I can cross them off.


Much later, I am not feeling better.  I have done more though list making did not happen.  Perhaps I should not fight my nature.  I am not an organizer, list maker, entrepreneur, pilot or astronaut. Better I put my effort in areas I can succeed.  Today is not a good day to brainstorm on that.  There is nothing wrong with having a wet noodle day once in awhile.  I can still do laundry – and drink tea and slurp along at a slow speed.

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