It is Thursday evening, not quite Friday but it is good enough to tell tales of 100 words on Friday Fictioneers. We are hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields of Addicted to Purple.  Here’s my 100 words prompted by this week’s photo.


Her head was spinning like a carousel out of control.  Her heart pounded.  Lub dub!  Lub dub!  She crossed her arms across her chest as if to hold the sound in.  She bent over, taking a deep breath.

Her head cleared.  She sighed in relief.  She could think again.  She was tired of being down trodden, being at everyone’s beck and call, pleasing them, cheering them on. There was no time for herself.  There was no her.

“I’m tired of it.  Damn it all to hell!”  She muttered.  “I’ll have no more of it.  I know what I will do.”

22 thoughts on “LIKE A CAROUSEL

  1. Yes, the rhythm in your story is wonderful and quite immediate! One feels pulled in, right there with your protagonist. I hope that what she does is LEAVE, strike out on her own. I felt like her until June of this year. I’m home free, and I feel GREAT!

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