If wishes were horses, I would wish for more hours in a day.  But what is the use?  It is not possible.  And the wise say it’s not the number of hours but what you do with them that matters.

Well, then I wish I have more patience and fortitude.  What does it take to have those qualities?  Googling, I find that PATIENCE is the quality or habit of enduring without complaint. FORTITUDE is:  Strength of mind to meet or endure unfalteringly pain, adversity or peril; patient and constant courage.

Looking further, I find that they are the names of two lions flanking The New York Public Library.  They are perfect personas of patience and fortitude – sitting, waiting and enduring through thick and thin.  I remember my cousin Edmund taking me there once upon a time.  I had taken out Herman Wouk’s Marjorie Morningstar.  It is still one of my favourite books.

Can I hope for these qualities?  My name certainly is not PATIENCE.  I complain a lot – vocally and in print.  I can feel my agitation stirring and neck veins bulging just thinking about it.  I have to stop and take a breath, relaxing my shoulders, relaxing my face and smiling to ease the stress.  My furry baby is better, BUT….In the evening, she starts her insistent whimpering and she is my own personal magnet. Yes, I need more patience – and discipline for Sheba.

I had an extra egg for breakfast this morning – more protein to build FORTITUDE.  I am very good at rationalizing.  I am grouchy.  Protein is good for smoothing my edges.  I am in month 4 of healthy eating and life style changes and week 7 of Dr. Jon -Kabat-Zinn’s stress reduction method.  I haven’t fallen off the wagon yet but I am grouchy and complaining.  I am not perfect but I have lost a few pounds and a bit off my midriff.  I have fortitude.

Let life carry me forth.  The sun is shining brightly.  My Income Tax Return and filing are awaiting me.  The delivery man have just come to the door with my seed order. Meanwhile, the petunias are crying for some attention.  And of course, Sheba is waiting patiently for her walk.

Soon we will have green grass and flowers growing among my own Patience and Fortitude. They sit day in and day out, watching silently over me, giving me their patience and fortitude.




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