IMG_1477Today we had no time for being maudlin, crying into our soup and feeling sorry for ourselves.   There was things to do and a life to live.  The day held promise of sunshine and blue skies.

IMG_0854I put on my own Wonder Woman footwear – pink and black runner shoes and head out of the door with Sheba.  She is the perfect running partner.  We give a new meaning to interval training, running a few steps and then stopping to sniff the grass or telephone pole.  It is a glorious day with sunshine and a gentle breeze. We are in tune with the Universe once more.

IMG_1014We run, we sniff, we run some more.  Soon we are home again.  The kettle is on.  The cup of tea is made.  I sip and work on Jesus, one slow stitch at a time. Progress is made, like drops into a bucket from a dripping tap.  I’m not in a hurry.  I am spending quality time with my Jesus.  Hallow be His name.  Thy kingdom come.

Now I am in the eve of the day.  The meal is done.  The dishes are in the dishwasher.  The baking is done. The bread and cinnamon buns are cooled and put away.  Raindrops are falling again.  I am sipping wine, feeling mellow and content.

It is a good day.  I cannot ask for me.

2 thoughts on “IDLE NO MORE TODAY

  1. This is lovely, so beautifully descriptive. I LOVE the shoes BTW. I’d love some like that but I’m sure they’re pricey lol. Glad you’re out and about enjoying life. 🙂

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