It rains still.  How many days now?  I have lost count.  But Sheba and I are strong.  Every morning we don our black rain gear and we walk our talk –  neither rain nor sleet.  Hush!  I better keep my mouth shut.  Even if it is the end of June, you just never know what the weather will do.

We’re not as glum as we look.  It’s hard to do selfies and to get both of us in one shot.  My arm isn’t long enough and the iPhone screen is not that big.  This is the best I could do.

Last night I was sitting at my desk in front of the window.  Sheba was at my feet. Thunder rumbled.  A big bolt of lightning flashed and crackled right before me.  I screamed.  Sheba jumped up, barking.  My window was opened.  The neighbour yelled “SHUT UP.”  The rain poured.

Wonder Woman. Art by Terry Dodson.

Such is the energy surrounding the home and hearth at times.  I know what Shakespeare mean when he writes something stinks in the state of Denmark.  But I am Wonder Woman, the warrior princess of the Amazon.  I can ward off stagnant and malevolent energies with my magic bracelets. I can lasso the demons with my golden rope.  So you are warned.

God answers back with a rumble of thunder.

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